Student 'threatened the safety' of Digital Harbor High

A Digital Harbor High School student is being disciplined and new safety checks have been implemented at the school after the student "threatened the safety and security" of the school community Monday, according to a letter sent home to parents Wednesday.

The incident was "brought promptly under control" and no one was injured, but the student will face "disciplinary action" under the school system's code of conduct and under the law, Principal Brian K. Eyer wrote in the letter.

Eyer did not outline the nature of the threat, nor did he identify the student. A school spokeswoman said she could not provide more information.

Eyer, in his letter, said information about the threat had spread on Twitter and Facebook and had "taken on a life of its own, creating both a lot of misinformation and apprehension among students and parents."

He also sought to reassure parents.

"I want to assure you that here at Digital Harbor High School, we take everyone's safety seriously and work diligently to maintain a secure environment for teaching and learning," Eyer wrote. "As part of our ongoing safety protocols, staff members conduct periodic safety checks. As of Tuesday, we are now also doing daily safety checks, which we will continue into the new year. Students and visitors coming into the building must go through a metal detector."

Eyer also advised parents to help protect their children's safety by ensuring they are wearing their uniforms, avoid leaving the school building during the day, and communicate with their teachers about absences.

Also this week, a credible threat occurred at a high school in Laurel, police said, while rumors of threats have occurred at high schools in Anne Arundel County.

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