Police to increase patrols in Federal Hill as neighbors fear vandalism, aggressive students from nearby school

Baltimore police will increase patrols in Federal Hill after authorities said a 61-year-old woman was assaulted by a teenage student last week when school let out at Digital Harbor High School.

Neighbors said they have worried about vandalism and aggressive students walking along Grindall Street and through the neighborhood after school. The 15-year-old girl was charged on April 4 as a juvenile for assaulting the woman on the street. Surveillance camera video shows a crowd of students and the girl throwing an umbrella that strikes the woman.

"School administrators have identified the students involved in these incidents and they will experience the appropriate disciplinary consequences," schools spokeswoman Edie House Foster said in a statement. "Unfortunately, a small group of students has engaged in unacceptable and disruptive actions in the community."

Baltimore public school students are on spring break this week.

Detective Jeremy Silbert said police have been called four times in the past six weeks to the 400 block of Grindall St., the scene of the alleged assault. Two calls came in response to the incident involving the teenage girl; another was for a suspicious person in the neighborhood; and the fourth was to report suspected drug activity.


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