The Mt. Washington School vies for votes to win $50,000 grant

The Mount Washington School is vying for a $50,000 grant from Clorox, and asking for the Baltimore city community's help to secure it. The school entered into the Clorox CompaNy's "Power a Bright Future" competition under which the company plans to dole out $200,000 to give to schools across the country. 

Mt. Washington is among nearly 2,500 schools that have entered to win one of seven grants,  which it plans to put toward boosting its high performing pre-k through eighth grade program, in technology and outdoor play spaces, according to parents at the school.

The competition is won by schools who receive enough votes--Mt. Washington is among 1,600 in its "Explore" category--to win either $25,000, or the grand prize of $50,000.

On Monday, the school was in 18th place. The deadline to vote for Mt. Washington's proposal is Dec. 19. Voting is allowed once a day, via the Clorox website or text. You can learn more about how to vote by clicking here. Votes also can be made by sending a text to 95248, with the code “2366pbf.”

"With money from philanthropic sources remaining tight, schools like Mount Washington hope their unorthodox efforts to find supplemental funds will provide some of the important but “extra” items that a school district often can’t supply," according to a release from the school's parents.

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