President Loh, thank you for your outstanding leadership here of Maryland’s flagship University.

Through some of the toughest economic times, you have led us forward to higher excellence and deeper understanding.

Thank you, Dr. Loh, for your service, and for inviting me to share this happy moment with all of you today.

As I was writing my message for your big day, my young staff warned me of a diabolical new post on for such occasions called:

Commencement Cliché BINGO  –

It arranges no fewer than 24 clichéd graduation phrases on a grid – phrases like  

"Be true to yourself."

"Follow your dreams."

"The future is yours to shape."

And, the indispensible "It is a great honor."

Now, being a modern, collaborative, open-data leader, I would never try stop you from playing Cliché BINGO on your smart-phones.

But you should know that the following words have been very carefully chosen and checked –

So if anyone next to you yells BINGO in the middle of these remarks, know that they are a cheating,...



So, let us commence.

President Loh,  esteemed faculty, members of the Board of Regents, parents, relatives and friends,

It is a great honor…

…to say Congratulations to the 2014 Graduating Class of the University of Maryland College Park!