Alonso: State leaders 'came through' for city school construction bill

It was a Good Friday indeed for Baltimore city school students--who in the next few years will begin seeing their dilapidated school buildings undergo a major facelift.

An unprescedented $1 billion financing plan that will renovate or rebuild roughly 50 schools is effectively on its way to the bank, our statehouse reporter Michael Dresser reports.

According to Dresser, when the plan went for its last whirl through the Senate "the measure passed easily on a bipartisan vote of 40-7. It now goes back to the House of Delegates for approval of a minor amendment and then will move to Gov. Martin O'Malley's desk."

But, schools CEO Andres Alonso said in an email that while the bill is not headed straight for the governor's desk just yet, a hard-fought battle has ended in triumph.

"This has been unbelievably hard, "Alonso said. "It has extended all of us in ways we couldn't understand at the start, with so many hard choices.

"It could only have happened with so much support and engagement, and it will all be worth it. It will regenerate so many of our schools. And our kids will know how much they mean to our city and state in new and significant ways. I applaud our legislators and state leaders. They came through."

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