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Maryland graduates can now get a certificate of biliteracy

In the future, Maryland's graduating seniors may be able to get a seal of biliteracy attached to their diplomas.

A law that goes into effect on July 1 sets up a system for graduates who achieve a certain degree of proficiency in at least one foreign language to have a seal attached to their diploma.

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State ruling costs Baltimore school budget $2.8 million

Just two days shy of a new fiscal year, Baltimore city school officials are grappling with $2.8 million budget gap after the state education department ruled the city government didn't owe the district more money.

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Maryland school districts provide fresh local food to children

Biting into a yummy local peach or chomping down on fresh steamed corn is a treat of summer that doesn't usually crop up in a school cafeteria.

But Maryland school districts are putting a lot of fresh produce in their summer nutrition programs, so much, in fact, that it is first in the nation in getting local produce into the mouths of youngsters in summer food programs.

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State school board will let Circuit Court rule on Baltimore City charter school lawsuit

The Maryland State School Board said Tuesday it will not intervene in a Baltimore City school charter lawsuit.

The school district had filed a legal petition to the state school board asking it to rule on whether the school system was providing enough funds to charter schools under the law that requires "commensurate" funding.

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Baltimore County board to vote on new location for alternative school

The Baltimore County school board will meet in an emergency session on Monday afternoon to vote on a new location for students from the Rosedale Center, an alternative school for children who have been suspended or expelled from school.

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Baltimore County expands magnet programs

Montre Simpson Jr., a strong-willed rising sixth-grader already showing a penchant for science, has begun collecting living things. He has a fish, a hermit crab, a frog, a snail and a puppy he shares with his siblings. He'd like some guinea pigs, but he hasn't talked his mother into letting him get them yet.

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