United States Naval Academy

<b>Category:</B> Least Happy Students<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 4<br><br>
<b>Category:</B> Don't Inhale (marijuana usage reported low)<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 6<br><br>
<b>Category:</B> Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 8<br><br>
<b>Category:</B> Best Science Lab Facilities<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 9<br><br>
<b>Category:</B> Stone-Cold Sober Schools<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 9<br><br>
<b>Category:</B> Most Conservative Students (lean right politically)<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 10<br><br>
<b>Category:</B> Most Politically Active Students<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 15<br><br>
<b>Category:</B> Is That a Dorm? (dorms get low ratings)<br>
<b>Ranked:</B> 16

( Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun / June 30, 2011 )

Category: Least Happy Students
Ranked: 4

Category: Don't Inhale (marijuana usage reported low)
Ranked: 6

Category: Future Rotarians and Daughters of the American Revolution
Ranked: 8

Category: Best Science Lab Facilities
Ranked: 9

Category: Stone-Cold Sober Schools
Ranked: 9

Category: Most Conservative Students (lean right politically)
Ranked: 10

Category: Most Politically Active Students
Ranked: 15

Category: Is That a Dorm? (dorms get low ratings)
Ranked: 16

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