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Archived coverage: Great Storm of 1933

  • Storm survivors

    Storm survivors

    Storm survivors survey the damage in Ocean City. Described in the American Meteorological Society's August 1933 weather review as "one of the most severe storms that has ever visited the Middle Atlantic Coast," the slow-moving weather mass dumped 10 inches of rain a day for nearly a week, even...

  • 1933 hurricane in Ocean City

    1933 hurricane in Ocean City

    A disastrous storm proved to be a boon to the resort's economy, providing fishing interests with a direct outlet to the sea.

  • Position of Assateague until 1933

  • Great Hurricane both blessing, curse to Ocean City

    Great Hurricane both blessing, curse to Ocean City

    1933 storm cut new inlet at the south end of town, but also proved costly

  • Hurricane of 1933 hit state hard

    For students of Maryland weather history, the hurricane of August 1933 ranks as one of the greatest meteorological calamities ever to visit the state. In those days, hurricanes were not named; that practice started in the 1950s. Rain began falling Sunday, Aug. 20, with Ocean City receiving 6 inches...