Roughly Speaking: Guns debate; Baltimore's future; 'MARTians' novel (episode 24)

"We are not even trying," the author of "Do Guns Make Us Free?" says of gun control on Dan Rodricks' podcast.

After the San Bernardino shooting and Sunday night's address by President Obama, the nation is again engaged in a debate about guns. In today’s podcast, a conversation with a minister and a philosophy professor about where we go from here, especially with the added concern of home-grown, self-radicalized individuals striking soft targets. We'll also hear from political scientist Don Norris, a one-time champion of regional government, on why he now thinks it will never work in Baltimore. And we'll get a young adult book recommendation from Baltimore County librarian Paula Gallagher.


In this podcast:


Next episode: Sun media critic David Zurawik on news coverage of mass shootings and their aftermath.  



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