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Ready the home bar for the holidays; roast the Christmas goose

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Roughly Speaking episode 335

4:55: Want to skip the turkey and roast a Christmas goose instead? Longtime Baltimore restaurateur John Shields tells us how it's done — with some assistance from the city's newest restaurateur, the British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Dan meets Shields in the kitchen of his restaurant, Gertrude's in the Baltimore Museum of Art, while drawing advice from one of Ramsay's instructional videos. Ramsay recently opened a restaurant in the Horseshoe Live Casino in Baltimore. Both chefs agree: "Goose fat is gold."

18:00: Brendan Dorr, president of the Baltimore Bartenders Guild, provides a guide to the well-equipped home bar. His selection of glasses, utensils and bottled aromatics every mixologist should have on hand when guests arrive for a holiday gathering is illustrated in the interactive picture below. Dan interviewed Dorr at his workplace, the B&O American Brasserie in downtown Baltimore.

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