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Roughly Speaking podcast: Cartooning in the time of Trump, with Lalo Alcaraz (episode 309)

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  • 2:38: A book based on a podcast: Paula Gallagher's weekly book recommendation: "Waiting For the Punch: Words To Live By From The WTF Podcast," by Marc Maron and Brendan McDonald.  ➤Jump to this segment
  • 6:41: Cartooning in the time of Trump: Lalo Alcaraz created La Cucaracha 14 years ago, the first nationally syndicated daily comic strip that dealt with Latino political and cultural issues. He also produces editorial cartoons, many of them focused on immigration, Mexican-American life, and Donald J. Trump. On today's show, Alcaraz talks about cartooning in the Trump era and his recent work as a consultant on the upcoming Disney-Pixar film, "Coco,"  based on the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead.  ➤Jump to this segment

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