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Roughly Speaking podcast: Blade Runner then and now; Losing your house over a water bill (episode 306)

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  • 1:38: Book critic Paula Gallagher recommends a new memoir about a man who suffers from a Truman Show delusion: "Gorilla and The Bird," by Zack McDermott.  ➤Jump to this segment
  • 6:04: Del. Mary Washington, D-43rd, talks about what she sees as a serious problem facing low- and fixed-income Baltimoreans: Some of them could lose their homes if they don't pay their increasingly expensive water bills to the city. Washington says the Maryland General Assembly and the Baltimore City Council need to find a better way to make sure the city gets paid and that homeowners don't end up homeless.  ➤Jump to this segment
  • 22:46: Film critics Linda DeLibero and Christopher Llewellyn Reed review "Blade Runner 2049," and offer an appreciation of Ridley Scott's 1982 original.  ➤Jump to this segment

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