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Roughly Speaking podcast: Tech guru vows fight with Trump over immigration crackdown (episode 305)

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Global tech guru Alec Ross, a candidate for governor of Maryland, says that, if elected, he will have the State Police arrest any agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement who violates the rights of the "citizens and guests" of the state of Maryland. "I swear to God," he says in an interview with Dan Rodricks, "if the ICE officers violate the laws of Maryland and violate the rights of the citizens and guests of us here in the state of Maryland, I will have State Troopers arrest the ICE officers, and God bless the confrontation that brings with Donald Trump." That position is provocative but problematic, as Dan explains in today's episode -- another in a series of interviews with candidates for governor in Maryland's June 2018 primary. Ross, 45, is a former senior adviser on technology to President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; his work for the State Department took him to 41 countries. He is an author of a best-selling book on technological innovation and a fellow at Johns Hopkins University.

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