A salute to Chris Roberson, who recovered a wallet and restored some faith

Chris Roberson, the hero in April column, gets a commendation.

Chris Roberson, who last month went above and beyond the call of good citizenship to demand a wallet from a guy who had robbed an elderly man at Lexington Market, received some well-deserved props at his place of employment on Wednesday.

Roberson, the central figure in my column of April 15, followed the creep who had picked a wallet from the coat pocket of Dr. Bob Padousis after the 78-year-old retired dentist fell on the Eutaw Street side of the market. Roberson confronted the robber at Fayette and Howard streets and, employing stern countenance and rhetorical powers of persuasion, got Dr. Padousis’s wallet back.

On Wednesday, the 38-year-old Roberson received some nice recognition for his deed at the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, where he works as a nurse practitioner caring for people infected with HIV.

Baltimore’s police commissioner, Kevin Davis, was there to give Roberson a commendation, along with Dr. Robert Gallo, the co-founder and director of the institute, and Jay Perman, the president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore. 

And, of course, Dr. Padousis was on hand to again thank Roberson for recovering his wallet and restoring our fragile faith in human decency.

“Not everybody’s going to do what Chris did,” Davis said. “You just did what you did because you felt that was the right thing to do to help someone who had been victimized by someone else. These things actually happen every day. Not to take anything away from Chris’s heroics, but these good stories happen every day and they are done by public safety officials, they are done by citizens. We just don’t see them on the news, but these acts of kindness and humanism really occur quite frequently in our city. . . . There’s more than one Chris Roberson in Baltimore.”

I have a recording of the full ceremony and will share it on Friday’s Roughly Speaking podcast.

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