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Roughly Speaking Dan Rodricks: Commentary and conversation on life in Baltimore, Maryland and the USA
Podcast: Black Lives Matter activist Darnell Moore on Trump's America

Writer and activist Darnell L. Moore on Trump and immigrants, the Bible and politicians, and growing up black and gay.

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The bad economics of Trump's bad immigration policy

The Trump-produced horror show at the U.S. border represents the rock-bottom of American responses to the challenge of immigration — a cruel and immoral abuse of children for midterm political gain by a cynical president — but it comes at the end of a long, tortured road.

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Podcast: Jesse Colvin and Michael Pullen want to unseat Andy Harris

Democrats Jesse Colvin and Michael Pullen want to challenge Republican incumbent Andy Harris for Maryland's 1st Congressional District in November.

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Rodricks: Kurtis Williams and 'a Baltimore thing'

At the age of 35, Kurtis Williams has spent half of his life in prison. He went in at 17 for second-degree murder. He came out four months ago with the clothes on his back and a manila envelope containing his identification card, his parole papers, a medical report and $50 cash.

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Podcast: Kurtis Williams spent half his life in prison for murder. Now, he's back in Baltimore.

Kurtis Williams, who has spent half of his 35 years in Maryland prisons for second-degree murder, has earned parole. He's back in Baltimore and facing the formidable challenge of finding a job.

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Sessions at odds with his church on immigrants

Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears determined to inflict as much pain as possible in his efforts to deter immigrants from gaining entrance into the country. He supports the practice of separating asylum-seeking parents from their children, and this week he eliminated fear of gangs and fear of domestic violence as grounds for granting asylum to foreign nationals who show up at our borders.

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