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Roughly Speaking

Roughly Speaking Dan Rodricks: Commentary and conversation on life in Baltimore, Maryland and the USA
Rodricks: On a rainy day in Baltimore, Dr. Seuss and Gil Sandler bring sunnier possibilities to mind

It was another banner week for Baltimore — the police commissioner resigned because he hadn’t filed tax returns for three years, and the City Council president said he didn’t understand why the commish had to go; there was more talk of Pimlico’s owners moving the Preakness out of the city; a sportswriter in Boston, the Smug of the Universe, declared the Orioles the most dysfunctional organization

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In East Baltimore, planting seeds for cooking careers

The latest episode of Roughly Speaking comes with a video. (I think this is a first for the podcast.) Sun videographer Kevin Richardson and I recently visited City Seeds, the first tenant in the East Baltimore food hub. I spoke with chef Aharon Denrich and some of his staff — James St.

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Podcast: Launching a career in cooking at City Seeds

City Seeds is a commercial kitchen that employs people who've faced challenges in their lives and trains them for culinary careers.

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Podcast: Childish Gambino, blacks living life and whites calling 911

Childish Gambino's provocative "This is America" has quickly become a cultural phenomenon.

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Hard to find the Chevy Bolt in heavy traffic

Here we are at the confluence of three stories involving cars and trucks — gasoline prices headed toward $3 a gallon again, the Trump administration sounding retreat from the higher fuel-economy standards established by the Obama administration, and I just took my first ride in a Chevy Bolt.

Ever heard of the Bolt?

Don't feel bad if you missed it.

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Podcast: Trump on the hunt for welfare cheats

Why do many Americans who benefit from the social safety net believe it's rife with fraud?

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