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Roughly Speaking Dan Rodricks: Commentary and conversation on life in Baltimore, Maryland and the USA
Rodricks: A Towson mother took a bullet to protect her daughter. Now, she's taking a stand.

You might say that what Andrea Koller did that night in New York, and what she lived to talk about, personifies what thousands of women in red T-shirts have set out to do across the country: Protect their young.

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Podcast: Potential Andy Harris opponent supports assault rifle ban, universal health care

Michael Pullen has staked out progressive positions in a bid to win the Democratic nomination in the First District.

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Rodricks: What to make of Baltimore restaurant closings?

What do we make of the closing of Aggio, the contemporary Italian restaurant that the talented celeb-chef Bryan Voltaggio opened in downtown Baltimore just four years ago? That business fell off? That its location, in the Power Plant Live area, was not the best for “fine dining”? That Voltaggio, at one point the owner of eight restaurants in our region, decided he had spread the bruschetta too thin?

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Podcast: Listening to Lefty: A final interview with fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh

Lefty Kreh was a Maryland native who became one of the best-known fly fishermen in the world.

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Podcast: Calling out BS, fake facts and fear-mongering

A new college course helps students separate fact from fiction, and a veteran journalist offers a case study, challenging the Trump administration's attempt to link immigration and terrorism.

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More than guns, WalkoutWednesday is about the future of the country

Young Americans, including those who have been forbidden from doing so by school administrators, have several good reasons to walk out of class on Wednesday and to march on Washington 10 days hence. While getting grownups to do something about gun violence is the prime motivation for these actions, there are other issues — indeed, life-or-death issues — facing our next generation of citizens.

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