Billionaire donors Laura and John Arnold support far more in Maryland than police surveillance

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Officials ax 'Maximum Security Book Club' at Jessup

Imagine volunteering your time — two hours a week, several weeks of the year for four years — to do something that enriches the minds and maybe even the hearts of others. Then, one day, you are told your volunteer services are no longer needed because you broke a rule. But no one will tell you what rule you broke.

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Podcast: Catherine Pugh's 4 a.m. idea for lowering Baltimore unemployment

Catherine Pugh, the Democratic candidate for mayor of Baltimore in November’s election, says she’s been researching "best practices" for approaching some of the city’s chronic problems.

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Podcast: A spy plane over Baltimore, and a hack at NSA

How the aerial surveillance system used over Baltimore works, plus, who hacked the hackers at the National Security Agency?

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Economic anxiety an old story in Trump stronghold

Conservatives like to say they believe in personal responsibility, and they admonish others to take charge of their lives and not expect the government to solve their problems. Name just about any societal issue — poverty, crime, the lack of affordable housing, the high school dropout rate — a conservative will find a way to raise "lack of personal responsibility" as the root problem.

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Podcast: Donald Trump is 'his own worst enemy,' Michael Steele says

Former RNC chairman Michael Steele is "disappointed" in the direction of the GOP, but won't say whether he'll vote for its presidential nominee.

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Neo-Nazi affiliation is hard to shake

Nobody asked me, but … if you pay dues to a neo-Nazi organization, subscribe to racist publications, buy tickets to a Holocaust denial conference and have a Holocaust denial DVD in your video collection, then you're probably a neo-Nazi.

That does not mean you are once and for all a neo-Nazi. You can have a change of heart and a change of mind, and come clean.

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