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Roughly Speaking Dan Rodricks: Commentary and conversation on life in Baltimore, Maryland and the USA
Podcast: GOP convention wrap-up; a bevy of book and film picks

On the weekend podcast, commentary on the Republican convention and Roger Ailes' resignation plus book and film recommendations.

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Podcast: Digging for the truth in No Man's Land

Exploring a long-buried claim that American troops, many from Maryland, were betrayed during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of World War I.

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Maryland's black bear hunt extends into two more counties

Over the last 20 years, black bears have made a comeback in Maryland, particularly in the western part of the state, and, more recently, their range has started to expand to the exurbs and suburban areas. There have been black bear sightings in parts of Baltimore County for 10 years, and state biologists suspect that sows have started to give birth to cubs in western Montgomery County.

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Podcast: Black lives, blue lives, and what we tell our kids

Dan interviews UMBC professor Kimberly Moffitt and David Miller, creator of "10 Rules For Survival When Stopped by the Police."

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Podcast: The Republican National Convention and the 1880 surprise

The Sun's John Fritze and the Goucher Poll's Mileah Kromer discuss this week's GOP gathering while a historian remembers the livelier conventions of yore.

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With another failed prosecution, it's time for Mosby to move on

In the midst of what feels like nationwide madness — a nightmarish period of gun violence against citizens and police officers, racial tension and vulgar political extremism — Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams on Monday morning affirmed the rule of law, the heart and soul of the republic.

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