Once Orioles build their bench, Buck Showalter wants to use it more to spell everyday players

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Podcast: A breakthrough movie about coming home from war: 'The Best Years of Our Lives'

On the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, which got the United States into World War II, saluting a movie about the war's aftermath at home.

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10 things Catherine Pugh can do to be a successful mayor

She did not ask for it, but here's my list of 10 things Catherine Pugh can do to be a successful mayor:

1. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan spoke at your inauguration about a "renewed" relationship with Baltimore's mayor. Take full advantage of that opening, and ask for money for projects that a Republican businessman with a real estate background will love. Such as …


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Podcast: Treating post-election 'Trump anxiety'

Advice for people stressed by Trump's election, plus book reviews from librarian Paula Gallagher.

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On the Columbus Day flap, fake news and Lexington Market

Nobody asked me, but the Baltimore City Council's preliminary vote to drop Columbus Day and rename it "Indigenous Peoples' and Italian-Americans' Day" supports the argument that Democrats spend too much time on identity politics and political correctness while more serious issues go begging.

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Podcast: Reflecting on Francis in the time of Donald

Mark Shriver, a nephew of the country's first Catholic president, goes on a fact-finding mission to learn about the life of Pope Francis.

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Podcast: Standing with the protesters at Standing Rock

A spiritual counselor and his stepson describe their trip to the Standing Rock Reservation, site of the protest against the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline.

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