Baltimore Sun's 25 women to watch in 2016

Roughly Speaking

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Podcast: David Zurawik on the Clinton-Trump split-screen; three good books

Sun media critic David Zurawik on the Clinton-Trump debate, and Paula Gallagher with three good books.

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Podcast: Wheelie Wayne, Baltimore dirt bikes and the Highway to Nowhere

DeWayne “Wheelie Wayne” Davis, widely-known Baltimore dirt-biker, talks about the city’s dirt-bike culture, the recent crackdown on illegal riding by city police and the possibilities for a park to get bikers off the streets.

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Trump's Donald-come-lately pledges to African-Americans

In his effort at transformation from birther-in-chief to Republican champion of African-Americans, Donald J. Trump claims the Democratic Party has left predominantly black neighborhoods — I assume he means city neighborhoods — in shambles.

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Clinton deftly unpacks Trump's prodigious baggage

In first debate, Clinton picks through Trump's extensive baggage

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As police deploy body cameras, public expectations rise

Kevin Shird, who spent a lot of time in prisons and now spends a lot of time trying to keep other young men out of them, has faith that body cameras on police officers will reduce the number of times they resort to deadly force in encounters with citizens. I wish I could share that faith.

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Danger in books, and in people who read them

The 21st annual Baltimore Book Festival opens on Friday, with hundreds of authors, exhibitors, chefs and booksellers, as well as a "thoughtfully curated food, craft beer and wine program" along the Inner Harbor promenade.

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