Al Roker, 'Today' show to visit Baltimore Thursday

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Drilling into Baltimore's population loss

Reaction to Sunday's column on Baltimore's distressing loss in population ranged from genuine empathy to snarky glee. Some citizens took the opportunity to complain about city life: A woman in Roland Park said she has a rat problem and that her water has been brown for months.

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Podcast: The absurd possibility that its opponents could ever 'fix' Obamacare

Dan comments on the botched Republican attempt to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

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Baltimore's population loss hurts more this time

Being attached to Baltimore is like being attached to a drug addict: You love the best of it and you hate the worst of it. You're on this emotional roller coaster — up and down, up and down — and just when it seems that recovery is steady and strong, relapse happens, and everything flops like daffodils in a frost.

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Podcast: ICYMI: Catching up on news (and the Orioles) with Sun staffers

Dan and a Sun editorial writer chat with colleagues about the GOP health bill, Baltimore's minimum wage, the waning days of Maryland's General Assembly session, and the Orioles' forthcoming season.

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Stepping up in post-Freddie Gray Baltimore

After the vandalism and arson that erupted on the day of Freddie Gray's funeral, there was a lot of talk about stepping up. Big Baltimore institutions and businesses volunteered or were asked to increase their commitments to help the city deal with some of the chronic problems laid bare by the unrest of April 2015.

Before I go on, a word about those words, "laid bare."

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Podcast: St. Patrick's Day food, and how an Irish love song became Morgan State's alma mater

Henry Hong and John Shields cover the steps for making corned beef from scratch, which, if you want for St.

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