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Roughly Speaking

Roughly Speaking Dan Rodricks: Commentary and conversation on life in Baltimore, Maryland and the USA
Forgetting politics while waiting for the bus

Pardon my reverie, but there's this white plastic bag floating through Mount Vernon Place, rising on the breeze, higher and higher, between the Walters Art Museum and the Hackerman House, the handsome mansion at the top of the hill, and I guess I'm having one of those "American Beauty" moments because it's a splendid day in October and my bus is late and I can't take my eye off the plastic bag.

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Podcast: To frack or not to frack?

A year out from the scheduled end to Maryland's fracking moratorium, in the first interview in a series on the issue, Dan talks with a critic.

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A Maryland driver advocates violence against Hillary Clinton

When free expression crosses the line to a call for political violence

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Baseball, politics and rooting (or not) for the underdog

Nobody asked me, but ... I sense that all Americans, except those in Cleveland, feel a sense of obligation to root for the Chicago Cubs to win the National League pennant and, assuming that happens, the World Series.

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Podcast: In praise of the Greek-American gyro

The gyro is one of the greatest dishes in the world, and, with these tips from Dan and John, we're confident you can make it at home.

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You can't gyro unless you tzatziki

Love the Gyro?

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