Dan Rodricks: Vanished faces of a West Virginia boom town

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Vanished faces of a West Virginia boom town

The story goes that two veterans of the Civil War came into town for a Memorial Day parade and, while there, they decided to step into Finley Taylor's studio and pose for the intriguing photograph that appears with today's column: old soldiers from opposing sides sitting peaceably, even brotherly, in their uniforms, long after the great conflict that divided the nation.

That's one version of events.

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Podcast: An appreciation of an Appalachian photographer and a vanished way of life

The 20th Century photographer who chronicled life in a lumber boom town in West Virginia, plus, Paula Gallagher recommends a novel about a socially awkward young woman and a bumbling IT guy.

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From 'Spotlight' to 'Keepers,' Richard Sipe sees celibate priesthood as problem for the Catholic Church

At 84, Richard Sipe remains steadfast about celibacy and sexual abuse by priests

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Podcast: Thinking about Baltimore with one of our most thoughtful citizens

Architect Klaus Philipsen offers informed opinions — and a dose of optimism — in a wide-ranging conversation about the city's past, present and future.

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Racial hatred across generations

There were moments when someone would say something ugly — a racist epithet, an ethnic slur — and we would all shake our heads in disgust and someone would offer, in a way consoling, these words of advice and promise: "Wait until the old bigots die off. It's going to take time. But it gets better with each generation."

I might have been with my brothers, or college classmates, or fellow reporters.

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Podcast: Rep. John Sarbanes on Trump's 'draconian' budget and 'ethical blindness'

A Democratic congressman and a Republican political analyst talk about the Trump presidency, plus, Dan's commentary on a potential hate crime at the University of Maryland.

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