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Roughly Speaking Dan Rodricks: Commentary and conversation on life in Baltimore, Maryland and the USA
Dan Rodricks: More than ever, failure not an option for Baltimore

Kevin Davis is an intelligent and affable fellow who, as police commissioner, must have known he had an impossible job in post-Freddie Gray Baltimore: Reform a department he considered dysfunctional, recruit and train dozens of new officers for an understaffed and demoralized force, and restore public confidence and trust in law enforcement.

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Podcast: Pugh replaces Davis. Will voters replace Mosby?

Baltimore state's attorney candidate Ivan Bates says defendants have become more brazen and less concerned about facing harsh punishment.

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Podcast: In case of missile attack, what's the plan?

The situation between Washington and Pyongyang has wrought real tension not felt since the Cold War. In case of missile attack, what's the plan?

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Podcast: Baltimore violence: Transforming lives, sustaining programs that work

In another in a series of conversations about violent crime in Baltimore, Dan speaks with three guests about the need to transform the lives of young people from the city's toughest neighborhoods.

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Rodricks: I harbored Haitians on the path to citizenship

Time to come clean: Thirty years ago, I hired two illegal immigrants from Haiti to paint a three-board fence on a small horse farm. I gave them the job, a place to stay for a couple of weeks, and food. I enlisted friends to help them, too. And we all felt good about it.

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Dan Rodricks: Trump's Dreamers decision is all about racism, not business

Not only is Donald J. Trump a racist, he’s dumb. And one of the dumbest decisions of his first year in office was rescinding the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Trump might be a businessman, but ending DACA and sending it to Congress for resolution made no business sense.

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