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Man kills himself in Montgomery County after shooting three to death

Montgomery County Police have identified a man they say killed himself after fatally shooting three people in a neighboring home in Brookeville.

Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said in a news conference Monday night that Christopher Snyder of the 22000 block of Brown Farm Way in Brookeville, near Howard County, had held his wife hostage in their home over the past weekend. She told police she fled to a neighboring house Monday and that her husband followed her there.

Police believe Snyder entered the home Monday afternoon and began to shoot the people inside. Snyder’s wife and other individuals were able to escape, while three others were shot and killed.

One of the deceased was a resident, another was a guest, and one appeared to be working at the home, police said.

The suspect then fled to his own home and barricaded himself inside, according to police. Tactical teams spoke to him on the phone for several hours before forcing their way in. They believe Snyder shot himself then. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Todd Greenstone, a farmer who said he lives close by to Snyder’s house, said he had invited Snyder to come over for shooting trips in the past, until he started exhibiting some “over the top” behaviors.

Snyder, he said, would bring with him long guns and automatics, setting up multiple targets, performing somersaults as he went. “Picture one of those video games,” Greenstone said.

Greenstone said he and other neighbors began to make excuses not to see him.

Greenstone said he did not know the victims personally, but added, “It’s quite a shock to lose neighbors.”

Police said they are continuing to search the home for additional guns and possible explosives before homicide detectives take over the investigation.



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