Man with charges dropped amid Baltimore Police body-camera investigation arrested again on same block

A Baltimore man who had gun and drug charges against him dropped by prosecutors amid the ongoing investigation into Baltimore police body-camera footage has been arrested again on the same West Baltimore block, according to police and his girlfriend.

Trayon Jones, 26, was arrested for distribution of marijuana, attempted distribution and disorderly conduct in the 2100 block of Hollins St. about 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, police confirmed.

They said they could not provide any more information about his arrest, and the case was not listed in court records as of Thursday afternoon.

Jones’ girlfriend — who also is the mother of his son — said Jones was doing nothing wrong when he was arrested, and that she believes he was targeted by police as one of dozens of people who had charges dropped by city prosecutors in recent weeks in light of the body-camera investigation.

“I feel like they’re coming after him just because of the previous incident and because he was in the newspaper,” said the girlfriend, who asked that her name not be used because she fears for her own safety in the neighborhood, where she lives with their son, if she speaks out publicly against police.

An article in The Baltimore Sun this week highlighted Jones’ previous arrest — along with his brother Isiah Jones, 24, and co-defendant Bryant Hairston, 27 — in a March incident in which police alleged the three men were dealing cocaine out of a vacant “stash house” where they also stored a gun in the same block of Hollins Street.

All three men were charged with gun and drug crimes in that case. All three were released from jail and had all of the charges against them dropped a couple of weeks ago by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby’s office.

Their cases were among 41 dropped by Mosby’s office in relation to the body-camera investigation. The cases all relied on the testimony of one or more of the three officers featured in the body-camera video — in which the public defender’s office alleges an officer can be seen planting drugs as the other two watch.

Officer Richard Pinheiro has been suspended, and Officers Hovhannes Simonyan and Jamal Brunson have been placed on administrative duty, pending the outcome of the investigation into their actions in the video. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and the police union have urged against a rush to judgment. The officers have not been able to be reached.

Pinheiro’s camera recorded him appearing to place a container in a debris-strewn backyard, walk to the street, activate his camera — which automatically retained a 30-second loop of video from before activation — and then return to the backyard and retrieve alleged drugs from the container.

Pinheiro was listed as a witness in Jones’ case.

In interviews with The Sun earlier this week, Isiah Jones and Hairston both said they were innocent of the charges against them. Isiah Jones said his brother was innocent as well.

Trayon Jones’ girlfriend said she had just dropped Jones off in the block so he could meet up with another brother of his when a friend called to tell her he was being arrested again. She returned to the scene.

A video she recorded shows Jones standing outside of a police cruiser with several officers standing around him. A woman can be heard screaming that Jones hadn’t done anything to be arrested.

“He’s got other things to worry about. He’s out here trying to find a job to provide for him and his family,” his girlfriend said. “He’s not out here doing what the police say he’s doing.”

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