Man died from self-inflicted gunshot wound at Baltimore Police station

An autopsy has confirmed that a man who was fatally shot inside of a Baltimore Police district station died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, prosecutors said.

Tyree Woodson, 38, had been taken into custody on Aug. 5 in connection with a shooting investigation and was held for hours before asking to go to the bathroom, where the shooting occurred. Police said at the time that the gunshot wound was believed to be self-inflicted, which prosecutors say the autopsy confirmed.

The autopsy was completed two weeks ago, but the results were not disclosed until this week.

Police have not provided any updates on the three-week old case. On Thursday, Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said investigators from the department's Force Investigation Team were "finishing up all of the interviews with all of the involved" officers.

Woodson had been picked up by members of the Warrant Apprehension Task Force and held in a cell as police searched a residence linked to him. The shooting stunned police, occurring as the district's officers were in one room taking part in daily roll call.

Police have said Woodson shot himself with a "high-caliber" handgun, and the case raised questions about whether procedures were followed when Woodson was brought to the station, which does not have a metal detector.

Woodson had himself been shot days earlier, and was wearing a walking boot at the time he was taken into custody. At a news conference the day of the incident, Rodriguez repeatedly said that Woodson was "violent" and said he was a gang member, but his mother said he was a crime victim and doubted that he would take his own life.

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