"We were able to get a decent raise for the firefighters and do that because of a compromise," she said. "It gave me hope we would be able to do the same thing."

Two Baltimore Fire Department unions reached a compromise with the mayor's office in August that will require them to work more hours but will significantly boost their pay.

Batts emphasizes that police need to repair their relationships in the community, but that the city also needs to shake itself from the idea that police can solve the crime problem alone

"What we have as a tool is the ability to arrest people," he said. "That can be good, that can be bad. That can exacerbate a problem.

"I'm going to push this organization to arrest the bad guys. But the city of Baltimore has to say, 'We've had enough of this, and we will do anything we need to do to address that, whether its changing laws, changing attitudes.'"

Baltimore Sun reporter Luke Broadwater contributed to this article.


Baltimore crime trends in 2013

Homicides: Up 11 percent

Nonfatal shootings: Up 21 percent

Total gun crime: Up 4 percent

Total violent crime: Down 5 percent

Arrests: Down 11 percent

Attrition rate: Up 33 percent*

*Number of officers leaving the agency during Batts' 12 months compared to the same period before he took over

Source: Baltimore Police Department, Comstat data, as of Sept. 14