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Shopping frenzy at Indianapolis malls for Air Jordan shoes

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There was a frenzy at shoe stores across the country as the new Air Jordan Concord basketball shoes went on sale very early Friday morning.

Hundreds of people have gathered at the Lafayette Square Mall for the release of the new sneakers, which went on sale at midnight.

More than a dozen police cars were on the scene for precaution.  Fox59 heard the main entrance door to the mall was broken in the shopping frenzy.

"It was like a whole bunch of people,” said Antonio Wilbirn, hoping to purchase the shoes. “They just started pushing towards the door. Then the stores closed because they broke the door off."

“Officers restored order very quickly,” said IMPD spokesperson Kendale Adams. “[They] did a good job in getting the crowd organized, trying to get them in to get the shoes.”

An estimated 700 shoppers are at the mall, in hopes of purchasing the newly released shoes. The shoes are priced at between $100 and $200 a pair.  

Many people walked away from the mall with bags of the most-sought sneakers, but not everyone left happy. Fox59 learned the mall sold out of the shoes, as hundreds of people were still lined up.

"Feeling kinda bad for them right now, but i'm happy though," said Wilbirn.

The Lafayette Square Mall was not the only mall filled with anxious shoppers.

“Actually, I went to Castleton before this and they were outta control there too,” said shopper Kenneth Rush.

There was also an incident with shoppers at the Finish Line inside Castleton Square.  A window was broken inside the store.  However, there were no arrests at either malls.

Even though it has been eight years since Michael Jordan left basketball, his shoes still prove to be a hot item, even a collector's item for some.

"I just think it's what Jordan did in those shoes and what they represent cuz that's why I bought them,” said Wilbirn.

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