Police say Cofield shot and wounded West at her workplace, a newspaper distribution center in Annapolis, in late January before killing himself.

West was discharged from the hospital Feb. 13. Attempts to reach her were unsuccessful.

On Feb. 19, police logged another domestic homicide in Baltimore. Police say Candace Hurt, a state probation agent who volunteered with a nonprofit conflict resolution center, was shot to death by her husband, Alvin Baird, who killed himself afterward.

Hurt had applied for a protective order in late December, after Baird allegedly pulled a gun on her. But she didn't return to court, so a final protective order was never issued.

Two other women filed for legal protection against Baird in the past four years, but they also failed to return to court to finish applying for long-term orders.

Jacquelyn Campbell, a professor at the school of nursing at Johns Hopkins University, said some women understand their risk, but, as a coping mechanism, choose to ignore it.

"That is very scary, to walk around all day thinking the person who somewhere along the line was supposed to love you the most is capable of killing you," Campbell said.

Baltimore Sun reporters Justin Fenton, Kevin Rector and Ian Duncan contributed to this article.