Brandon had been shopping with a cousin at the mall when he spotted Pridget and his girlfriend at the Downtown Locker Room. Prosecutors said he called Williams, who later arrived at the mall with Ward.

Blurry, black-and-white surveillance footage showed the men arriving at the entrance to Macy's. A final image showed Brown exiting the Nordstrom after Pridget and his girlfriend.

During an interview with Detective Jim Lambert, Ward denied that he had seen the other defendants. But Lambert countered that Ward could easily be spotted with the men because his white shoes stuck out. The shoes, the detective said, matched a pair taken from Ward's home after police executed a search warrant weeks after the shooting.

"I think you told him to shoot him," Lambert said. "You end up following the victim in my case."

Defense lawyers in the recent trial called into question the state's narrative of the events that led to Pridget's death.

Michelle J. Moodispaw, Ward's attorney, questioned whether the prosecution was asking jurors to read too much into the gestures seen on tape; maybe he wasn't pointing out a hit.

"Is he pointing at the victim or is he gesturing in his direction?" she asked.

Williams' attorneys said their client was no ruthless gang member, calling him "a patsy," used by the gang and by police to help identify the alleged shooter.

"Frank Williams is considered dumb, he is considered stupid," Hossein Parvizian, one of his defense lawyers, said. "Frank Williams is innocent of any kind of conspiracy."

But the prosecutor, Coffin argued the evidence against the defendants was overwhelming.

Williams and Ward, she said, "are as guilty as if they stood there on that corner and shot Rodney Pridget to death."

She concluded by showing jurors a crime scene photo, leaving them with an image of teen lying on the dark sidewalk, wearing jeans, a striped shirt and jacket, with blood draining from his face.

The jury convicted Ward and Williams in two days.

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