Police-involved shooting in E. Baltimore

An armed robbery suspect turned around at this dead end on the 2800 block of Chase St., where he drove at officers. Police then opened fire on the man. (Colin Campbell / The Baltimore Sun / February 3, 2014)

Police identified the officer who fired his weapon at an armed robbery suspect in East Baltimore Monday as Officer Shawn Baker.

Baker, 39, who has been on the force since Aug. 1, 2007, shot the man as he drove at officers after being cornered in a dead end in the 2800 block of E. Chase St.

The man, who is suspected in four armed robberies and attempted robberies in the area, led police on a chase for several blocks to the intersection of Loneys Lane and E. Monument Street, where he was arrested. Detectives found a loaded gun in the suspect's car.

The suspect, who has not been identified because he has not been charged, remained at an area hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

Police said the incident is Baker's only police-involved shooting.