Mistaken pretrial releases in Baltimore

Dale Wakefield, 21

Charges: Murder in the stabbing of a homeless man in Bucks County, Pa. Detained in Baltimore.

Release: Wakefield was released in July in what a corrections official called "a series of mishaps" while paperwork was being processed. He was recaptured hours later.

Cornelius Hayes, 36

Charges: Drug-related offenses, theft, second-degree assault.

Release: Arrested on drug allegations in Baltimore, Hayes was released in spite of a Baltimore County warrant issued on theft and second-degree-assault charges. He was recaptured within a few days.

Jeffrey Bryant, 22

Charges: Drug-related offenses, failure to appear in court

Release: Taken into custody on allegations that he missed a court date in a drug case, Bryant was released by mistake. Bryant was arrested again Sept. 3 on charges that he assaulted a man after he was freed.

Towanda Reaves, 50

Charges: Second-degree murder for allegedly rubbing methadone on the gums of a grandchild, causing his death.

Release: In August, a prosecutor mistakenly dropped the charges instead of refiling them from District Court to Circuit Court. Reaves turned herself in a few days later.