That friendship developed amid Barnes' troubled relationship with Johnson, her live-in boyfriend, whom she had been dating for 10 years. Their relationship was "rocky," and Barnes said she lost several friends because they didn't approve.

She and Johnson were effectively separated by 2010, though they continued to live together and even moved into a new apartment in late June. After the trip during which the video was filmed, Phylicia returned to Baltimore just weeks later around the Fourth of July. She had ditched a college visit in southern Virginia, saying falsely that her mother had given her approval.

She and Deena got tattoos on their legs; Barnes' was a honey drop. Phylicia got a rose tattoo — which later would be important in identifying her decomposing body.

Phylicia returned again during Christmas break. Johnson no longer lived in the apartment after Barnes asked him to move out.

Barnes testified Monday that on Dec. 28, 2010, Michael Johnson sent her a text message asking if they could get back together. "It's not too late to work things out," it read. Barnes said she did not respond.

Barnes laid out the following sequence of events for the rest of the day:

•She left for work in the morning, with Johnson's younger brother Dylane Davis asleep in her bed with Phylicia. Davis testified last week that Johnson showed up at the apartment and took him back to his house because Davis didn't have their parents' permission to be there.

•Barnes texted Phylicia from work, the last message coming at 12:23 p.m., when they talked about getting Phylicia's hair done. Around the same time, Barnes was on the phone with Johnson. At 12:30 p.m., a message posted to Phylicia's Facebook page said she was hungry.

•Later, Johnson told Barnes that "little sis" had awoken and asked if Dylane could come back over. Davis testified last week that he returned to an empty apartment around 1 or 2 p.m.. Loud music was playing, something the group did to ward off intruders if someone without a key was going to leave the door unlocked behind them.

•In the afternoon, Barnes tried to call Johnson, whose phone was off, and got his voice mail. He later texted that his phone died and that Phylicia had fallen asleep again. "LOL," the message reads.

•At 3:30 p.m., he phoned Barnes — in a call she described as "random" — and said he didn't feel like going to work that day. Johnson was to have worked a 3-to-11-p.m. shift.

•Sometime around 5 p.m., he texted Barnes that "sis is up and active."

When Barnes returned home from work around 6 p.m., Phylicia was gone, so she called several people, including Johnson. He didn't pick up, but texted that his phone was dying and that he was busy moving things. She asked him when he last saw Phylicia, and he eventually responded around 8 p.m., saying that he saw her at 1:30 p.m.

"Is everything OK?" he asked. When Barnes said she was going to call police, he replied, "Keep me informed."

Missing from the apartment were Phylicia's jacket, cell phone and purse, as well as slippers Barnes had purchased for her. A stash of money behind a dresser was still there.

Barnes testified that Johnson came over to the apartment at 2 a.m. on Dec. 29. She described him as "nonchalant," but also "nervous," saying that he was concerned about the implications of being the last person to see her alive. He stayed till dawn, returned the next night and slept over.

Bates, the defense attorney, said Barnes called the police before conducting her own search, didn't check Phylicia's Facebook page, and delayed telling Phylicia's mother what was happening. Johnson didn't help with further search efforts, though he was instructed to stay away because emotions were running high, according to testimony.

As the trial continues, it's still unclear whether the prosecution will be allowed to use a large plastic container like one that Johnson allegedly was seen struggling to move out of the apartment. There's been conflicting testimony about whether the container was from the apartment and how large it was.

Prosecutors have said they want to show that someone of Phylicia's size could fit inside a tub they believe to have been used that day — an explanation for why various cameras around Deena's apartment never show Phylicia leaving.

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