Maryland gang statute

Several suspects were charged this week under a state law that bans participation in a gang. The 2007 law carries a sentence of up to 20 years which must be served consecutively with any other sentence. Prosecutors say the statute allows them to try gang members together, present a complete picture of gang violence and spell out motives.

Two alleged gang leaders

Authorities say the convergence of two gangs led to a string of crimes that wound up killing 10 people. Key in the merger were two suspects.

Naim King

Alleged affiliation: Black Guerrilla Family

Alleged role: Invited members of another organization to join his gang in 2007 as BGF expanded its role on Baltimore streets.

Fate: Killed in a shooting in October 2007.

David Hunter

Alleged affiliation: Young Guerrilla Family

Alleged role: After joining BGF, Hunter is accused of killing the man police said murdered King.

Fate: Indicted in March in an investigation that would ensnare 48 alleged associates.