Listen to the 911 call

A man who called in a hoax bomb threat at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in late August told a 911 dispatcher his name was “Killer” and said he was upset about living in a world where people did bad things.

Baltimore police on Monday released two audio tapes from 911 calls the man made on the night of Aug. 26. The bomb threat was determined to be fake after police conducted a search of the stadium. The Orioles were out of town that day, playing the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

In the first call, the man says he put a bomb in the stadium and that “y’all got 20 minutes to get there.” He promises to call back later.

In the second call with a different dispatcher, the man repeats that he put a bomb in the stadium.

“You put a bomb in there?” the dispatcher asked, incredulously.

Man: “Yes, ma’am.”

Dispatcher: “Why would you do that?”

Man: “’Cause I’m tired of Baltimore.”

Later, the dispatcher asks the man what his name is. “Killer,” he replied.

The man, who appeared to have a Baltimore accent, told the dispatcher the bomb was ticking, and that police could find it in a men’s bathroom.

Dispatcher: “Now why do you want to hurt people?”

Man: “Why would you wanna lock people up?”

Dispatcher: “I’m not a police officer.”

Man: “What is you?”

The dispatcher continued to ask the man why he wanted to hurt people, and he said that he was angry with someone and wanted to stop people from doing bad things, like when they “get drunk and get high.”

“Well you not gonna kill everybody,” the dispatcher told the man, who then hung up.

Police have so far made no arrests in the case.

(Photo of Baltimore police officers surveying the scene on August 26 by Carrie Wells)