19. Under no circumstances are members of the media permitted to contact, photograph or interview jurors during the course of these proceedings. 

20. Members of the media shall not photograph vehicles transporting jurors when entering, leaving or standing in or about the areas of Courthouse East of Circuit Court of Baltimore City.

21. The deputy sheriff shall escort members of the jury from the courthouse at the conclusion of trial each day and shall provide the jurors with information on available downtown escort services beyond the courthouse.

22. No court personnel or court-approved specialist shall be recorded, photographed or otherwise depicted in conjunction with the trial exhibits. 

23. Members of the Circuit Court staff shall not be interviewed regarding these cases.

24. Media conferences of interviews shall not be permitted in Courthouse East.

25. If members of the media believe any aspect of the order is unworkable or inappropriate, they may request modification only if such request is made in sufficient time in advance of the court matter to permit the court to review the proposed modification. 

26. Violations of this order will subject the violator to a revocation of all media privileges, and subject to but not limited to the contempt powers of the court.

27. This media protocol order is subject to modification by the trial judge and/or administrative judge of this court at any time. 

-Judge Alfred Nance