Woman charged with gun offenses in thwarting robbery released on bail

The woman who police said fired off a handgun "indiscriminately" to head off an armed robbery in Bolton Hill has been released on $35,000 bail after she was charged with handgun violations and shooting on a public street.

Keyna Oduyoye, 30, of Randallstown, and accompanied her boyfriend to the quiet city neighborhood to purchase a car listed on Craigslist. When they arrived, Oduyoye told police the couple was robbed.

She told police she grabbed a .40 caliber Beretta from the glove compartment of her car and fired a warning shot in the air. The gunman dropped his weapon, she told police, according to court charging documents, and then she chased the man up the street firing three times in the air.

Gun rights advocates say that this case is a perfect example of how restrictive gun carry permits -- the weapons was legally registered but she did not the permit needed to carry it -- need to be relaxed in Maryland. A federal judge has struck down the state's provision as too restrictive, and the state is appealing.

Read a full account of the case here.

A Bolton Hill resident, Michael Tobin, emailed me this morning to say that not all the shots were fired in the air. "One of the bullets penetrated the door of my car and ended up on the floor under the break pedal," he said. "It was fired at torso-height. ...  I found it in the morning, long after the last detective had left the scene."

Tobin said police returned on Tuesday to collect the evidence.

Above is the police charging document spelling out the case against Oduyoye, who I've been unable to reach for comment.


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