Stolen monkey statues returned to owner

Stripping metal from houses and stealing bronze statues and grates has been a virtual career for many years in Baltimore. Catching people in the act is rare. And rarer still is actually getting your stolen property back before it gets melted down as scrap.

But one lucky homeowner in Pikesville not only got his stolen monkeys returned -- Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil -- but his neighbor caught the culprits on video when they came back the next day for another statue. They left behind a third monkey the set, See No Evil.

Police say they're closing in. And the investigating officer managed to find the monkeys, and another statue taken from a nearby house, at an Owings Mills recycling company. The manager at the company, recognizing the stolen ornaments as something out of the ordinary, put them aside in case police came calling.

It's a case that started out bad but ended up OK.

Read more details here, including an interview with the grateful homeowner about the theft and why he bought the monkey trio. Here is another story on a recent rash of copper gutter and downspout thefts.

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