Man briefly plays dispatcher at Baltimore fire station

A man briefly played Baltimore fire dispatcher early Tuesday before being chased off by firefighters. 

AlertPage captured radio transmissions this morning in which a man can be heard calling for "Ambulance 30" and "Medic 13." 

"Medic 13, can you please respond? Medic 13, we need you to respond to [an address], where somebody just called in just now, and said there was a fire. ... Did you copy?" the man said.

"I'm responding to the hospital right now," the medic responded.

Another official then responded, "It's a stolen radio, disregard that." 

Ian Brennan, a spokesman for the Baltimore Fire Department, confirmed that someone had broken into a vehicle at the Old Town station and began using the radio. 

"Communications quickly identified the issue and alerted the station," Brennan said. "Members went into the parking lot, and the person ran away." 

Brennan said no trucks or personnel were erroneously dispatched.

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