Johns Hopkins security alerts on recent juvenile attacks

It's rare for Baltimore Police to notify the public of crime when the reported incident doesn't involve someone being shot, but community groups often get more detailed information, and Johns Hopkins students and staff are certainly no exception.

Two such recent alerts focused on crime involving groups of youth, with corporate security in one of the alerts warning of "recent reports of groups of juveniles converging on vehicles and vandalizing vehicles while stopped at traffic lights."

An alert of that incident, sent out on April 28 to the East Baltimore campus, was based on an incident that occurred in the 1000 block of E. Madison Street. It warned that "some drivers have been assaulted when doors were left unlocked and/or the windows were in the down position."

The e-mail instructed staff and students to "remain vigilant while traveling," and to keep car doors locked at all times and windows "at a level that prevents anyone from gaining access inside the vehicle while stopped in traffic."

Another security alert, this time for the Charles Village campus, was posted a few days later, reporting that a Johns Hopkins University graduate student was walking southbound in the 2900 block of St. Paul St. on May 1 when as much as eight teenage girls and boys held her up at gunpoint. They wanted her cell phone, the incident report says.

"When the student stated she did not have a cell phone, suspect #1 pulled a black colored handgun from her purse and demanded the victim's tote bag, which contained her wallet and $470 in cash, credit cards, and a candle. The victim surrendered the tote bag to Suspect #1."

The alert says that police responded to the area and found two girls - one age 13, the other age 15 - with the victim's bag, and placed them under arrest. 

The Charles Village Community Benefits District, which also does a good job passing along crime information to the community, reported two other armed robberies in the area, both of which occurred in the 2600 block of Huntingdon Ave. on May 3 around 1:50 a.m. In both incidents, two males with a gun ordered them to the ground, taking off with a cell phone and cash. 

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