Feds blame defense lawyer for disclosing information that got witness killed

Isiah Calloway's death was reported in a single sentence back in April, a 19-year-old man "found shot inside a vehicle." To federal authorities, though, Calloway was a potential witness in a bank fraud conspiracy.

That is, until prosecutors say, his own attorney divulged sensitive information to his alleged partner. On Tuesday, the Maryland U.S. Attorney's Office announced the indictment of the partner and another man in Calloway's death.

At the center of the allegations is the attorney, who was not charged, and who told The Sun's Justin Fenton that he did nothing wrong.

"In a million years, I never thought anything would lead to Isiah's death," said Pikesville attorney Larry Feldman, who is only identified in the indictment by his initials. "These guys [Tavon and Isiah] were like brothers, and [the original case] was a very minor case in District Court."

For prosecutors, this is the second time a witness has been killed due to a leak from an attorney. In November, Antonio Hall was sentenced to life in prison for the 2009 killing of Kareem Kelly Guest, who had outed members of a Westport drug gang. A lawyer for one of the defendants gave Guest's FBI statement to his client's mother, and it was soon posted all over the neighborhood.

This isn't exactly what law enforcement needs as it fights back against the Stop Snitching credo on city streets.

Speaking of Calloway, Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said: "This is the second recent case in which an inappropriate disclosure by a private attorney allegedly led to the murder of a federal witness."

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