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Brunson murder trial postponed

A murder trial and separate drug case were postponed Wednesday for Stanley Eugene Brunson, a Baltimore man described as a neighborhood “legend” and “engine for violent crime” by the city’s police commissioner.

The two cases, which were delayed because no courtrooms could accommodate them, are now set for Sept. 12.
Brunson, 35, was arrested on drug distribution charges in September of last year, along with 33-year-old co-defendant Kevin Mason. He was released on $15,000 bail, according to online court records.

Roughly three months later, he was shot on Belmont Avenue in Rosemont and wounded in his arms and legs. Several days later, on Dec. 19, 29-year-old Donte Collins was fatally shot on the 1500 block of Rosedale St. in the same neighborhood, and another man was wounded. Brunson was charged with those shootings, which police believe was done in retaliation for the attack on him.

In a broad interview on city crime last year with The Baltimore Sun’s Justin Fenton, Police CommissionerFrederick H. Bealefeld IIIdescribed Brunson, who was convicted of drug dealing in 2007, as someone deserving police focus.

“These guys like Stanley Brunson and others, they’re legendary in their neighborhood... legendary for being out on the street and being the engine for violent crime in their neighborhoods,” Bealefeld said. "The fact is, they shouldn’t get the opportunity to stay out there and become legendary.”

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