No. 3: John R. Leopold indictment

For months, police officers and others were said to have appeared before an Anne Arundel County grand jury, subpoenaed in an investigation of Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold by the Office of the State Prosecutor. In March, a grand jury indicted Leopold on charges of using his taxpayer-paid police security detail for personal and political gain. Within months, the county's police chief became the first high-level official linked to the allegations to step down. The indictment accuses Leopold, 69, of ordering the officers assigned to him to keep his girlfriends from bumping into each other and to drive him to uproot an opponent's campaign signs, among other things. Leopold, a Republican in the midst of his second term, is fighting the charges, and a trial is scheduled to begin in mid-January. In July, after unions asked that he resign and the County Council delivered a 4-3 no-confidence in him, embattled police chief James Teare Sr., a career officer with the county, abruptly retired, ending the State Prosecutor's investigation into him. Leopold chose Larry Tolliver, a former Maryland State Police superintendent and political survivor who commanded the department once before, to take over as county police chief.
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