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Victim goes to hospital day after Baltimore shooting

A gunshot victim told police he spent one night and morning wounded before he checked himself into a Baltimore hospital. The man shot in his leg arrived about 2 p.m. Thursday at the hospital, police said. He told officers he was shot Wednesday night at Fulton and Pennsylvania avenues, near Penn...

Freddie Gray case trials & Baltimore unrest

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Shocking force:

  • How Tasers work

    How Tasers work

    A Taser fires two electrified darts up to 25 feet to cause neuromuscular incapacitation, as described below. The device also can be used in drive-stun-mode, which causes localized pain. Read the full investigation: Shocking force: Police in Maryland didn't follow Taser safety recommendations in...

  • Agencies with highest Taser use, 2012-2014

    Agencies with highest Taser use, 2012-2014

    Baltimore City police top the list for number of Taser discharges. Baltimore County ranks second with half as many firings. These two departments, together with  Montgomery County, make up nearly half of all Taser use in the state. Below are the 15 agencies with the most discharges. Source: Governor's...

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Baltimore approves $1.1 million more for Tasers

Baltimore's Board of Estimates on Wednesday approved $1.1 million for Taser International to continue supplying city police with the company's stun guns and related equipment. The contract renewal — which comes amid questions about how Baltimore police officers have used the devices in recent years...

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