Westminster moves up completion of skate park overhaul

The City of Westminster had originally planned to overhaul its skate park over three years, but a decision by the Common Council Monday will shorten the time frame to one year and save the city about $30,000 in the process.

The Common Council voted unanimously Monday to approve a contract with American Ramp Company to complete the project in one year for $295,000. The city had originally planned to spend more than $300,000, about $100,000 in each of the next three years, for the project.

To pay for the expedited timeframe, the Common Council voted to transfer $200,000 from the Capital Improvement Plan reserve fund to the general fund.

Common Council President Robert Wack called the council's decision an "excellent idea," adding that it almost wouldn't make sense not to do this.

Abby Gruber, Westminster Recreation and Parks Director has said the city desires a park that requires less maintenance and upkeep after the wooden ramps used at the park have been replaced "several" times over the years.

Under the original three-year time frame, parts of the park would be closed during construction and council members scoffed at the idea of only having portions of the park open over the next three years.

The city has contracted American Ramp Company to design and build a new concrete skate park on the site of the current wooden ramp skate park at the corner of Tuc Road and Locust Street.

Construction is expected to state this spring.

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