McDaniel students don't stay in the dark after power outage closes school

McDaniel College students caught up on studying, sleep and had some fun when school was closed Monday because of a generator failure Sunday afternoon that left most buildings on campus without power.

Most academic and residential buildings were affected, college spokeswoman Cheryl Knauer said. 

The college was expected to open Monday at 10 a.m., but notice was sent out shortly after 8 that McDaniel would be closed for the day.

With the end of the semester looming, many students spent time in Eaton and Lewis halls catching up on school work.

"It's been relaxing," freshman Haley Duff said of the day off from classes. "It's nice to chill out and get a lot of work done."

While freshmen dormitories, Rouzer and Whiteford halls, were without power overnight, academic buildings Eaton and Lewis halls and the North Village and Garden apartments had power, Knauer said.

Students occupied most of the classrooms in Eaton and Lewis Monday, either studying or charging up their phones and laptops. McDaniel is showing movies in the auditorium through midnight.

Many students said they spent time sleeping or studying over the past 24 hours. Some, however, took advantage of the dark to stage a game of manhunt in Whiteford Hall Sunday night.

"At night, it's like a haunted house," freshman Brittany Powers said of the residence hall left with no lights.

Crews from BGE were on campus overnight working to restore power, and the expectation was that power would be restored Monday evening, Knauer said.

Campus safety and residence life staff have been regularly checking in on students and the dining hall has been open for its regular hours, she said.

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