Carroll delegation to host public hearing on legislative proposals

The Carroll County Delegation of the House of Delegates will hold a public hearing Monday, Jan. 6, to discuss the proposed 2014 county legislative package.

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. at the Westminster Senior Center, 125 Stoner Avenue.

Carroll citizens are invited to hear the presentations and submit oral or written testimony on any of the legislative proposals. The Delegation also welcomes public comment on other 2014 legislative issues either at the hearing, through email, or by phone.

Local Carroll County bill requests include:

• A bill that would enable charitable organizations to host card game or casino night fundraisers

• A bill that would increase the liquor license fees over three years to provide funding for an additional part-time inspector for underage liquor sales compliance by the county liquor board

• A bill to raise the county Sheriff's salary from $75,910 to $90,000 in 2015

• A bill to that would cover the county Industrial Development Authority under the Local Government Tort Claims Act, thus lowering the authority's cost of insurance

• The county's annual public facilities bond request

• A bill raising the salary of Orphan's Court judges from $10,000 to $15,000 and to $16,500 for the chief judge

• A bill allowing establishments with an off-sale retail alcohol beverage license to sell draft beer in refillable containers, commonly called growlers

• A bill repealing a section of law that forces the Board of License Commissioners to pay 25 percent of license fees to the incorporated town in which the business is located

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners has also requested statewide legislation that may be introduced through a private sponsor.

The board's requests include:

• Bills requiring an efficacy analysis for any legislation involving an amendment to the Land Use, Environment, or Natural Resources law to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of a proposal compared to other alternatives

• Two bills barring the state from imposing further stormwater requirements not specified in each jurisdiction's individual National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits until the 2017 Midpoint Assessment for Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model Phase 6.0 results and revised allocations are available and provided to local jurisdictions

• A bill that would exempt a county from implementing a stormwater fee if stormwater projects are planned and funded to comply with MS4 permits, funds are included in the budget with a designated funding source, or a separate fund for these projects is in place and appropriately funded.

• A bill that would prevent the imposition of any additional storm water requirements until there is a multi-state agreement that puts comparable requirements, demands and corresponding cost on Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, New York, Delaware and West Virginia with regard to bay restoration

• Bills that would delay the implementation of Common Core State Standards, discontinue the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards, discontinue the PARCC assessments, longitudinal databases and teacher and principal assessments, and discontinue the implementation of the Race to the Top grant.

• A bill that would return full responsibility for contributions to the State Teacher Pensions to the state for free necessary funds locally for the mitigation of the impacts of implementing the Common Core.

The 2014 session convenes in Annapolis Jan. 8.

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