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Carroll commissioner forms Common Core study group

Carroll County Commissioner Doug Howard announced Tuesday the formation of a citizen study group that will examine concerns and the impact of the Common Core curriculum on the county's students.

The Common Core are education standards required by state law that are intended to increase student performance in math and language arts. Common Core standards have been adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia.

"It appears that there is a disconnect on this topic because we keep discussing Common Core as if it were one thing, but it is not," Howard said in a statement. "It is many different things at many different levels that require different strategies to discuss and debate effectively."

The study group has five responsibilities according to the release:

• Separate and identify each piece of what is generally referred to as Common Core

• Analyze each piece individually

• Determine its applicability to Federal, State or local programs and educational efforts

• Fact check with Carroll County Public Schools to determine its applicability to our children's education

• Draft recommendations to address concerns

The study group is expected to be a small, diverse group, according to the release, consisting of seven to nine people with differing perspectives that will create this framework, identify concerns and develop recommendations.

"We need facts," Howard said. "We need to consider a wide range of perspectives. We need to put issues into the category where they belong. We need recommendations at each level of government. And, we need to have all of this developed without any more public attacks on our local school system and our teachers."

Bruce Holstein, a member of the solid waste work group, and David Baker are expected to be members, according to the release.

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