Hall's aunt and uncle both were late-diagnosed with cancer, Hall said.

His uncle had a rare bone cancer, while his aunt had lung cancer, which spread to her liver, he said.

Hall said his uncle's death was his first experience with death as an adult.

"It had such an impact on me that I wanted to do something in their memory," he said.

Hall, whose grandfather died of throat cancer, pointed out that only one of 20 cases of cancer is due to hereditary or genetics.

Although Hall said it is nearly impossible to prevent, people can lower their risk of cancer.

"Raising the money is great, but raising this awareness is priceless," he said.

Jen Burdette, a missions delivery specialist with the American Cancer Society in Carroll County, said she was "pretty shocked" when Hall approached her with the idea.

"We thought it was a really cool idea, definitely different and not your everyday fundraiser," she said.

Burdette said the organization is contacted pretty often by businesses and schools wanting to raise money for the American Cancer Society, but rarely is it just one person.

"He [Hall] is a very determined guy, so I have no doubt that he is going to accomplish this," she said.

Hall said he has already raised $2,975 via a 50/50 raffle and other donations. Donations can be made by visiting his website http://www.crushcancer.webs.com.

You can follow Hall's journey on his website or Facebook page.

The shortest distance between Manchester and Fulton is 317 miles, but Hall said he rerouted his trip to have reasonable lodging and food, hence the 353-mile route.

At each stop, he plans to be out in the community trying to raise awareness for cancer prevention.

"I'm going to be running my mouth to absolutely everyone I come across, telling them what I'm doing and why," he said.

Hall, who grew up in Fulton but has lived in Manchester since 2007, has challenged the city of Fulton to run with him across the finish line. He said police will be there to escort them the 2.8 miles from the city limits to his uncle's home.

Hall acknowledges the run will be a challenge mentally and physically, but he is more excited than nervous that he won't be able to finish.

"Anybody can do a marathon," he said. "It's all a matter of time."

Hall's schedule is as follows: