Funding sought for Charles Carroll Elementary modernization

A modernization project for Charles Carroll Elementary School in Westminster tops the list of capital improvement project funding sought by Carroll County Public Schools for fiscal year 2015.

Facilities planner Bill Caine presented the school system's proposed $8.9 million fiscal year 2015 capital budget and the $141.4 five-year capital improvement program (CIP) to the Board of Education Wednesday.

The focus of the fiscal 2016-20 CIP is to modernize three aging schools, replace the Career and Technology Center and replace numerous outdated roofs and HVAC systems throughout county schools, Caine said.

"These are critical systems that are needed to operate the school," he said.

Over the next six years, the school system is seeking to secure funding for the modernization of three aging schools, including Charles Carroll Elementary, which was built in 1929, William Winchester Elementary, built in 1962, and East Middle, which was renovated in 1975, but constructed in 1936. The county Career and Technology Center was built in 1970

Caine said the school system has requested funding to replace the HVAC and roof at Charles Carroll in fiscal 2015 if the modernization funding is not approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

"Our priority is to get the modernization," he said. "If the modernization planning funds aren't provided though, we want to make sure no one loses sight that the roof and the heat plant still need to be replaced if we're going to continue to have that school in operation."

While the school system is set to request funding for numerous projects, Caine pointed out that the school system CIP calls for about 10 times more funding than what the county has planned for in its CIP budget through fiscal 2019.

"There's quite a difference there and that's obviously a pretty big dilemma for us based on our needs," he said.

The school system will hold a public hearing on the proposed fiscal year 2015 capital budget and the fiscal years 2016 through 2020 CIP budget request Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Charles I. Ecker Boardroom at the Board of Education offices at 125 North Court Street in Westminster.

The budget will be brought back to the Board of Education for approval on Sept. 25.

The $8.9 million fiscal year 2015 funding request from the county includes:

•Charles Carroll Elementary modernization (planning) $1,468,000

•Manchester Elementary HVAC replacement $1,836,000

•Manchester Elementary roof replacement $577,000

Francis Scott Key High roof replacement $794,000

•Mechanicsville Elementary roof replacement $719,000

•Sykesville Middle window replacements $164,000

•Career and Tech Center roof replacement (planning) $151,000

•Charles Carroll Elementary roof replacement (planning) $40,000

•Sandymount Elementary roof replacement (planning) $98,000

•Charles Carroll Elementary Heat Plant (planning) $120,000

•East Middle HVAC (planning) $626,000

•Taneytown Elementary kindergarten addition (planning) $83,000

•North Carroll High science rooms (planning) $95,000

•Paving $815,000

•Technology improvements $1,120,000

•Roofing improvements $155,000

•Barrier free modifications $41,000

•Relocatable classrooms $60,000

The school system's $141.4 million CIP request from the county for fiscal years 2016 through 2020 includes:

•5 modernization projects

•14 roof replacement projects

•7 HVAC replacement projects

•3 kindergarten addition projects

•4 science room addition projects

•4 electrical service projects

•3 fire alarm system projects

•3 window replacement projects

• Annual requests for paving, technology, roofing, barrier free modifications and relocatable classrooms

In its $4.7 million fiscal year 2015 capital funds request from the state, CCPS is requesting funding for:

•Charles Carroll Elementary modernization planning approval

•Manchester Elementary HVAC replacement $2,289,000

•Manchester Elementary roof replacement $693,000

•Francis Scott Key High roof replacement $820,000

•Mechanicsville Elementary roof replacement $742,000

•Sykesville Middle window replacement $191,000

The proposed budget is posted on the school system website at under Featured News.


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