Carroll Board of Education to discuss adjusting school calendar

Following the 12th snow day of the year for students, the Carroll County Board of Education will meet Wednesday to discuss its options for making up one school day.

The Board voted last week to extend the school year by one day to June 13 and request a waiver for four days from the Maryland State Department of Education.

The school system had five snow days built into its calendar and had already made up one day by going to school on Feb. 18. That day was originally scheduled as a day off for students and professional day for teachers.

If the waiver were approved, that would have accounted for the 11 days missed and put the school system in compliance with the total days and hours of school required by state law.

But the snow day Monday will force the Board of Education to revisit the issue and look at other alternatives to adjusting the school calendar to make up one day.

State law requires students to be in school 180 days a year and 1,080 hours for elementary and middle school students and 1,170 hours for high school students.

While elementary and middle school students would have met their hourly requirement if no action was taken, high school students would have been five hours and 15 minutes short, Superintendent Steve Guthrie said at the March 12 Board meeting.

Guthrie said that the state will consider waivers for missed days of school, but it will not consider waivers for schools missing the required number of hours for students to be in school each year.

Spring break is scheduled for April 14-21, but board members have previously said they would not adjust spring break to make up for snow days.

The board meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Board of Education offices.

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