Commissioner Richard Rothschild said he did not know about the meeting until the county sent out a press release briefly reviewing the meeting at 5:07 p.m. Wednesday. The county did not advertise the meeting beforehand.

"I was disappointed to see that meeting scheduled without the other three commissioners," Rothschild said.

Shoemaker, who initiated the meeting after numerous phone calls from municipal leaders, said only he and Howard attended because a meeting with three commissioners would have required the county to advertise the meeting.

"We had to act promptly," Shoemaker said. "We wanted to address this as quickly as possible."

Shoemaker said the other three commissioners were not left out for "any nefarious purpose."

He added that the Board of County Commissioners has established two-person work groups in the past to research issues before presenting information to the full board.

Howard said that he sometimes likes to work on his own, gathering ideas before bringing them back to the board and that "political grandstanding" from other commissioners could have hurt the process in this case.

"They (municipalities) don't want to be preached to, they want to be heard," Howard said.

He said county staff was not present at the meeting and that there was no agenda because it was just an opportunity for he and Shoemaker to hear concerns from municipal leaders.

"Any time we (Board of County Commissioners) set policy, it has absolutely got to be open," Howard said.