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Carroll Sheriff could see pay raise in 2015

If the Board of Carroll County Commissioners and the General Assembly see fit, the new county sheriff could be receiving a 19 percent raise in 2015.

As part of a proposed legislative package for the 2014 legislative session, Carroll County Sheriff Ken Tregonning has asked the commissioners to consider raising the Sheriff's salary from $75,910 to $90,000 beginning Jan. 1, 2015.

Tregonning, who has already announced that he will not seek re-election in 2014, told commissioners Thursday that this would be the first salary adjustment for the position since 2009.

The average Sheriff's salary across the state is more than $93,000 and in counties similar to Carroll, such as Charles, Harford, Frederick, and Washington, the average salary is $88,000, Tregonning said.

Tregonning cited the Sheriff's Office transition to the county's primary police agency and growing responsibilities as reasons for the increase.

Tregonning has also asked that the Sheriff receive cost of living adjustments (COLA) given to county employees in future years.

The Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association (CCVESA) is again asking the legislature that casino nights be added as a gaming option for charitable organizations.This would allow these organizations the ability to host a card game, card tournament, or casino night after obtaining a permit from the commissioners.

This is the sixth year that CCVESA has requested the provision and although it has failed in Annapolis, it has passed the Senate the previous two years, CCVESA administrative assistant Neal Roop said.

"Maybe persistance will pay off," Roop said.

Commissioners are scheduled to meet with the county delegation Thursday, Oct. 10, to discuss the proposals. The board is scheduled to vote on the package next week, but can add legislative items through December.

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