Carroll commissioners eye hiring, firing policy

The Board of Carroll County Commissioners will ask County Attorney Tim Burke to craft a resolution outlining procedure for how staff members in the commissioners' office shall be hired or fired.

The resolution is expected to define the role of a commissioner's support person and require that all commissioners be notified before a personnel action is taken.

Commissioners voted 4 to 1 Thursday to approve the request with Commissioner Haven Shoemaker voting against it.

Shoemaked called the nearly 20-minute discussion on the resolution "ridiculous."

The resolution request stems from the controversial firing of Commissioner Robin Frazier's research analyst Lyn Mallick in July.

Frazier and Commissioner Richard Rothschild have said the firing was politically motivated and have directed their ire toward Commissioners President Doug Howard.

Both commissioners have said they were unaware of Mallick's firing and claimed that Howard orchestrated Mallick's dismissal, which was also approved by Shoemaker and Commissioner Dave Roush.

Howard has denounced the allegations saying he does not make "personnel decisions based on politics."

Each commissioner has the option to have one staff member within the commissioners' office for support, such as keeping their schedule or researching topics in front of the board.

Mallick was one of two staffers assigned to Frazier.

Commissioners have tossed around the idea of creating this policy on hiring and firing staffers within the commissioners' office in recent months following Mallick's dismissal.

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