Commissioner Robin Frazier was the lone commissioner to vote against the budget Thursday.

Frazier said she voted against the budget because more could have been given back to the taxpayers and the school system should have used more of its accumulated surplus in its budget.

"The taxpayers got the short end of the stick with only a quarter of a penny on tax cuts," she said. "I'm glad there was some reduction, but it should have been a little more."

Frazier has voted against each of the Board's past two budget proposals and if nothing changes before May 28, she plans to vote against a third straight budget.

Other features of the fiscal 2014 budget include:

•$55,000 to add Sunday hours at the Eldersburg Library from October to April

•No decreases in the hotel and amusement taxes

•$30,000 to create a part-time Veterans Service Officer position

•$100,000 for additional staffing in the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, and $60,000 to potentially rent space for the Sheriff's Department in Eldersburg

•$100,000 for maintenance and preservation of some buildings at Union Mills Homestead

•$5 million in FY 2014 to cover a shift in teacher pension costs from the state to the county

•$100,000 to cover health care costs at Carroll Community College
•$54,000 for a new prosecution assistant with the State's Attorney's office