Pets on parade featured at Saturday's Taneytown Harvest Festival

The eighth annual Harvest Festival in Taneytown will include more than food, crafts, hay rides, pumpkin painting and dance groups.

This year's event on Saturday, Oct. 19 will also include the return of the popular pet show, Tails of Taneytown.

"People dress their dog or cat up," said Nancy McCormick, the festival organizer on the show, which made its debut last fall. "Last year we had a gecko, a rabbit and a ferret.

"This year a lady called me and is entering her alpaca," she said. "Can you see those dogs with their hair up on end when the alpaca comes in?"

Another interesting feature of Saturday's event is Barnyard Bingo.

It might take a few hours, but it does eventually happen. A cow will be let loose in a field on which a large bingo card has been painted. It will wander around, eat some grass and eventually relieve itself on a number, to the delight of the number's owner..

"You see people sitting on these grandstands waiting for this cow to poo," McCormick said. "It is the silliest thing you ever saw."

About 600 people came out in "perfect weather" last year to attend the festival, McCormick said. This year, the forecast of a chilly day may diminish attendance.

"We're used to it," McCormick said, of the cold weather."I don't want to postpone this thing. An outdoor event, it's the risk you take."

Taneytown Harvest Festival and Tails of Taneytown will take place on October 19, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Memorial Park, Route 140 at Park Drive, Taneytown.

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