285-year-old tree falls in Eldersburg during storm

Michel Elben
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285-year-old tree definitely makes a sound during fall

A 285-year-old white oak tree fell on Stafford Court in Eldersburg during a storm Sunday night into Monday morning.

"I was asleep and my wife was awake during the storm," said Dave Robbins, who owns the land on which the tree fell. "She heard a thud and the house shook a little bit. We couldn't see the tree."

The storm struck around midnight and Robbins said his wife woke him and they inspected outside. Robbins said the oak tree took down a nearby tree and a neighbor's mailbox.

"Fortunately nothing major was damaged," Robbins said.

The tree was registered with the Maryland Big Tree program. The Maryland Big Tree Program is associated with the Department of Natural Resources Forest Service and sponsored by the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards. When someone nominates a big tree, volunteers help the owner to determine the species of tree, if the tree is large enough to be registered in the program and if the tree is free of obstructions such as vines or multi-flora rose.

"The program measured it at 105 feet tall with a circumference of 15 feet," Robbins said.

Robbins called the police and fire service to inform them the roads were obstructed by the fallen tree. Carroll County Bureau of Road Operations responded within an hour and a half and removed the tree.

"Everyone in the area always makes comments about the big tree," Robbins said. "It's a shame it came down last night."




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