Hampstead Main Street project awarded $20 million

The Town of Hampstead's Main Street revitalization project received a $20 million boost from the Maryland Department of Transportation earlier this week.

The state transportation department announced nearly $1.5 billion in transportation investments for the Baltimore Metropolitan Region Sept. 4, including the $20 million commitment to fund street scape improvements along Main Street.

The street reconstruction project will rehabilitate the roadway, provide ADA-compliant sidewalks, improve sidewalk ramps, crosswalks, driveway entrances and pedestrian signals, upgrade the drainage systems and landscaping, provide new stormwater management facilities, modify traffic signals and relocate utilities as necessary, according to a news release from Hampstead.

As part of the project, the town is planning to replace the water main that runs the length of Main Street and dates back to the 1930s.

The State Highway Administration is currently planning to advertise the project for construction in late 2015 and break ground in the spring of 2016, according to the release.

Hampstead Mayor Chris Nevin said in a statement that the town has been successful in advancing the project thanks to relationships with SHA staff at the Baltimore and district offices.

"These relationships, some of which date back to the planning and construction of the [Hampstead] Bypass, have served us well in planning for the revitalization of our Main Street," he said. "We believe this level of cooperation and team work certainly helped our project stand out as Governor O'Malley and Secretary of Transportation Jim Smith made their funding decisions."

Nevin added that the announcement is an important step, but there is still much planning work and community outreach as the project continues to progress.

Hampstead will provide project updates online at www.hampsteadmd.gov, in the town newsletter, through social media and through future press releases.

Carroll County Commissioner Haven Shoemaker, who served as Mayor of Hampstead from 2003 to 2010, said in a statement from the county that he was thrilled to hear the state's commitment.

"As Mayor of Hampstead, I helped develop the plan to get the bypass built and then revitalize downtown. As commissioner, we made Main Street in Hampstead the county's top priority Neighborhood Conservation project," Shoemaker said. "The bypass was dedicated in 2009, and now the state has allocated $20 million to revitalize Hampstead's Main Street. Congratulations to the Town of Hampstead and thank you to everyone who helped us get this done."

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